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Pro guitarist with connections looking for people that have equipment, talent, and the availability to dedicate themselves and tour full time. I'm a guitarist of 24 years with a ton of famous friends and connections. Most notably one of the recording studios in L.A. that recorded for eminem and disturbed, among many many others. He also charges $7000 a song, so I need people that see potential in my writing as a mainstream competitive band. I'm also talking to the bassist for fuel about recording my originals in his studio in Nashville. This is not a garage band. Im predominantly seeking a SERIOUS singer vocalist that fits the part, something along the theory of a dead man and three days grace tenor range. Bassists and drummers are welcome to audition as they see fit as well. But PLEASE, send links to your work. All my 90+ covers and 15+ originals are all online in demo format so you know exactly what you're getting into. Messages without links to your work will be ignored. No live videos, no drunken karaoke. This is a PROFESSIONAL NATIONAL AUDITION. I am very serious about my work and making it in the industry. In order to apply, you will need several things:

1. Send links to your work. Nobody cares if you played 1500 shows in 1980. Send videos, recordings of recent studio material, or live performances if thats all you have. I understand not everyone has the technical knowledge or the money to record, but I have to see your work to be considered. Studio recordings or home studio demos are optimum.

2. Must have the ability to record from home with a DAW. For drummers, a mic'd or electronic kit would be optimum. I need dedication and creative talent. The rest we can worry about later. If you're a singer and you have talent but cant afford a decent mic and recording program, I can hook you up for about $5 with a radioshack mic and a free DAW.

3. You must be creative, and committed. I am by no means a one man band, but I've been tasked with writing the material as best I can. Its a tremendous responsibility and burden I dont have the luxury to ignore. I either go big with my primary writing and guitar talent, or I go home. I can go home when I'm dead.

4. You need to complete 2 - 4 demos of my original work to see how it sounds. Yes, this involves time and work, but such as the price of fame, fortune, girls and loot. You wanna play hard, you gotta work hard, and it starts here by weeding out all the people that can't or wont commit.

5. Ill send you the raw tracks COPYRIGHTED and you can try your hand doing it your way. If I like YOUR way better, your in. Upon viewing your material and determining you MIGHT be a candidate for this project, i'll send you the raw instrumentals. It's your job as a singer or drummer to fill in your parts of expertise. Since I'm the primary I like to hear the lyrics and vocal melody the way I wrote it in key. I know I'm not much of a singer, in fact, I suck. But I can stay in relative key. If you're a drummer, it takes a certain amount of creativity to write an original drum track that fits. Plus you need the chops and equipment. Ill send you the raw instrumental for recording, my version of the vocal melody, and a lyrics sheet. Other than that, best of luck. I wish success to each and every one of you reading this in your own endeavors. If you follow my leadership of socialism where everyones equal you'll see I know what Im talking about studying mainstream music for 24 years. It can always be better. But that depends on how talented YOU are... God speed and may the force be with you.

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