It's time! UPDATED-Looking for "Steve Perry and Ann Wilson" (Jacksonville)

We are still looking for vocalists. See requirements below!!

Classic/Hard Rock drummer/vocalist/stunt vocalist (ask me), no delusions of grandeur.

I’ve been on the bench for too long. I am ready for a new project, but not just any project.

About me:
I spent 11 years as the drummer in a popular local cover band, and I played with some of the best, and nicest, in town. For the last few years I have done freelance gigs with different bands around town. I am married, with two grown children.

I am putting together a group, a “cover band” of sorts, but not your typical bar band. This will be a show band, performing a Classic/Hard Rock revue. A “love letter” tribute to some of the best of the genre. The goal is quality shows, not necessarily quantity, and playing some kickass music.

Still reading? Cool. Hopefully I’ve piqued your interest.

Okay, here's the plan: I would like to put together an 8-or so-piece band, with a core of musicians (5-6) that could gig locally, but the 8-piece will play regional theatre shows, concert halls, casinos, and the like. The core group can play shows here and there in the bars and such, potentially with a flexible/rotating lineup.

Ambitious? Sure, but it can be done. I’ve seen it. The format is successful in other regions, and around the world. As such, I am looking for the Cream of the Crop…a cover band Supergroup. I am looking for people that respect each other musically and personally, respect the songs, as written, and respect the bands. The theater show will be well rehearsed, and will not vary much from night to night, but we will be flexible with the bar sets. The songs will be played as close to note-for-note as we can come, the way an audience would expect to hear.

What I am looking for:
Guitar, one (or more) multi-instrumentalist/s (keys/guitar), a dedicated keyboard player, bass, lead vocals--preferably one male, one female. Maybe another dedicated singer as well. All with at least harmony backing vox and pro gear. Looking for a solid sound engineer as well.

Lead vocals:
Males- Baritone to tenor range. You can expect to perform songs sung by the likes of Ronnie James Dio to Brad Delp to Roth/Hagar to Steve Perry.

Females: Alto to soprano range. You can expect to perform songs sung by the likes of Ann Wilson to Stevie Nicks to Pat Benatar and points in between.

The performances:
We will be performing a 90+ minute theater show of kickass rock, and for the bar gigs, 4 45-50 minute sets.

Where you come in:
You would preferably be between 25 and 55. No drama, laid back professional. Good person…you’ll likely be around my family at some point. Attention to detail. No drugs(not on band time, and not performance-affecting for sure), social drinkers okay.

Other requirements:
There will be somewhat of a dress code for the theater shows: some combo of black shirt and jeans…y’know, rock and roll. I’d like this to be classy, with an edge. This will have some carryover to the bar gigs: No cargo shorts, backward baseball hats, or flip flops.

I have a manager in place, who will co-manage the band with me and act as a booking agent. Scheduling will be somewhat flexible with a lineup of this size.

If you’re still reading, great. Hopefully you are interested, and would like to discuss more. Maybe you know someone that fits the bill and may be interested.
If so, please find my phone number and personal email in the Reply box above. Send audio/video links/samples, if you would, please. I will reply in kind. We can meet to discuss in person prior to setting up jam sessions or auditions to see if we gel.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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