Squier Standard Telecaster - Upgraded - $400 (Jacksonville)

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make / manufacturer: Squier
model name / number: Standard Telecaster
I picked this Squier tele up as a mod project. I simply enjoy the process of upgrading and setting up budget instruments, and this is one of my proudest projects yet. Unfortunately, I have no need for it and would rather have more useful instruments or cash.

According to the serial number, this is a 2010 Indonesian-made Squier Standard. Stock, the guitar sounded pretty thin, but it has "good bones" to be cheesy. Most of my upgrades focused on the electronics and setup, as I wanted to keep the decent parts stock. I shielded the pickup routes, control cavity, and MIM tele pickguard with copper tape. I swapped out the wiring for a Fender 4-way switch and CTS 250k pots with a Sprague Orange Drop capacitor. The pickups are a Duncan Designed AlNiCo 5 set I pulled from a Vintage Modified Squier Tele Thinline. The saddles are Fender USA saddles taken directly from my 2017 Fender Tele Deluxe. The most of my work on this guitar was on the neck and nut. I rolled the fingerboard edges, filed the fret ends, and polished the frets. I treated thr fretboard 2-3 times with Montypresso Fretboard Wax, which darkens and treats rosewood/similar woods. I handcrafted a bone nut from scratch: from a blank, I copied the original nut size/shape, then set the nut slot heights according to the fret heights with feeler gauges. After polishes the nut and installing it in the neck, I set up the guitar and intonated it.

Quite a lot of work for an inexpensive instrument, but I am proud of the finished product. I already own too many better teles, so this one is extraneous. I can take cash/Venmo/Paypal/Cashapp, but I am also open to trades for other electric guitars, pedals, amps, acoustic guitars, 5-string basses, etc.

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