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compensation: $100 per call or text we are able to collect a penalty on
If you've received spam calls or texts on your phone (like from real estate investors or insurance companies), we will pay you $100 per call or text we are able collect a penalty on. We don't need any of your personal information (except the number that was contacted) or payment. We simply need screenshots of either the texts or call log, with the dates visible (e.g. 01/01/23). We'll follow up with some questions about the spammer, and if we're able to collect a penalty, we'll pay you.

You must have at least two or more spam calls or texts from the same number.

It's very straightforward, you can either visit our website, send screenshots to our text line (seven seven zero-762-6762) , or email us directly via this ad. The best method is via our website, which helps us to process your submissions faster.

The most common violations spammers make is contacting someone on the National Do Not Call Registry or contacting someone who had previously not consented to being contacted.

You can check or sign up to the National Do Not Call Registry at donotcall.gov. It's a federal program run by the FCC that makes it illegal for most spammers to contact you without your permission. It takes effect 31 days after signing up. This makes it easier to hold spammers accountable for contacting you.

Some types of spam we CANNOT collect on are:

- Scam calls (offering free money or impersonating officials)
- Companies/Callers from outside the US
- Non-profits, like charities or political organizations
- A company you've done prior business with (e.g. purchased a service)
- Debt Collectors

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