Can You Access 100k or More of Business Credit if you Wanted? (Jacksonville)

Can You Access 100K or More of Business
Credit if you Wanted?

90% of Business Owners Know Nothing About Business Credit
According to Entrepreneur

You Can Get up to $103,000 of Business Credit

- No Personal Guarantees
- No SSN
- No Collateral

Do you have access to business credit linked to your EIN and not your

Can you get credit which requires no personal credit check or personal

Business credit can build VERY quickly.

No one is telling you how easy this can be.

There is little-known funding you can tap into for your business.

There are also ways of building business credit which allow you to
separate your business from your personal assets. Many business owners
have no idea this is even possible. Most business owners, have put
business expenses on personal credit cards. Other business owners have
used their own good credit standing to access bank loans and other

When you use personal guarantees to fund your business, you and your
assets are being put at risk.

No one is telling you there are low-interest loans which only ask for
your EIN and three months of business history to access. (One resource,
for example, could get you funding in as little as 24 hrs - no FICO

This is literally hidden funding. You will NEVER hear or be offered
these options from traditional banks or most of the alternative lenders
out there.

Think about it like this. Many business owners are only looking for help
with seasonal cash flow gaps. The majority of business owners we help,
need less than 100k of financing. Sometimes only 3-12k.
Banks, still use manual underwriters to make lending decisions for small

Consider it takes the bank the same amount of time to review the
application for $8,000 as it does for $1,000,000. Where is the bank
making the most money? The banks want to minimize risk and
maximize profit. The easiest way for them to do this by looking at your
FICO, seeing what kind of cash reserves you have as well as getting
personal guarantees.

The 2008 crash led to many changes. One of those changes was
Congress passing the Dodd-Frank Bill. This Bill essentially required
banks to hold higher cash reserves to lower their risk of insolvency.

What that means to you as a small business owner is "banks can no
longer profitably lend to a small business asking for less than $100,000."

But most small business owners are looking bridge a cashflow gap and
need less than $100,000.

This is frustrating!

Your business is solid. But you are simply cash poor in the moment...
and... that's why you went to the bank in the first place! (On top of that,
it can take weeks to get approved for a bank loan and the NOT knowing
and waiting is stressful)

Our economy is built and grows because of small business success!

- Small businesses provide 48.5% of all private sector employment
- 97.9% of all U.S. businesses are small businesses

Look at what banks, alternative lenders and factoring companies are
telling you to do...

-They tell you to use your social security number.

-They tell you to get loans where you are making personal guarantees.

-They want to see collateral.

Have you heard the term... "The house always wins?"

Well... if your business doesn't succeed, (and you have mixed business
and personal assets) the bank is going to have your house. Considering
95% of new businesses fail within 5 years, does the bank's advice
surprise you?

Business credit is what wealthy business owners build.

Wealthy business owners protect their family. They establish a firewall
around their family and personal assets.

- You can build business credit with no checks on your personal credit

- You can get business credit with no personal credit check - even if you
have terrible personal credit

- You do NOT have to personally guarantee business credit

- Your credit limits on business accounts are 10x - 100x higher than with
consumer credit

- Your business credit quality determines if you'll get a loan and the rates
you'll pay

- You can get approved for cash funding, even if you are a start-up or
your personal credit is shot.

- You can get business credit with no collateral, no cash flow, and
terrible personal credit.

- Get approved on Net 30 accounts quickly. We connect you to the exact
companies who will do this immediately.

- Be approved for revolving credit cards through Visa and MasterCard.
No personal guarantees needed.

Give us a call today if you want to see how to begin building business
credit in as little as 6 days.

We are here in Minneapolis and make this easy. We are passionate about
helping business owners scale quicker with less risk and more financial

Our step by step process will get you business credit.

Once we listen to what your vision is for your business, we tailor a plan
with you to get you tens of thousands of dollars of business credit. We
build another entity, besides you, that is able to access credit accounts, loans, revolving store credit and protects you from personal liability.

This is the wealthy fire-wall we build around you.

This is how no one can touch your personal finances, because you have
used this entity to access thousands upon thousands of dollars with no
personal guarantees, collateral, or your SSN. This entity is accessing all
this funding with your EIN only.

If you are starting a business or have an established business, banks do
not approve 87% of SBA loans. We are able to get your entity financing,
so you can be approved in as little as 24 hours.

Give us a call today if you want to access business credit and financing
options no one will share with you.

See how much money you can access in business loans which require no
personal guarantee. Remember, you need no collateral and no check on
your personal credit.

See how quickly you can have up to 103k of business credit.
1-800- Seven five zero - 0167

Call now for a complimentary consultation to see what options you have
to reduce your personal risk and gain more control of your business


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