1/8-1/21: Tattoo Academy - Apprenticeship (San Marco)

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🔥 Introducing: Tattoo Academy's Premier Apprenticeship Program - A Path to Licensure! 🔥

🎓 Learn the Art of Tattooing in 3 Months or Opt for Flexible Part-Time Programs!

Next Course Begins - Jan 8, 2024

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🖋️ Why Choose Ink & Drinks Academy? We pride ourselves on delivering a comprehensive program that's meticulously designed to fast-track your journey into the world of tattooing. Unlike traditional apprenticeships, which can sometimes be marred by wasted time or even unfortunate instances of hazing, our primary focus is on your education and empowerment. We're committed to fostering a supportive and enriching environment, ensuring you learn every facet of this incredible and lucrative profession.

🌟 Comprehensive Curriculum: Dive deep into tattoo history, techniques, design principles, business skills, and much more.

🖋️ Hands-On Experience: From using top-tier equipment to practicing on synthetic skin, you'll be prepped for the real deal.

🌐 Expert Instruction: Learn from a seasoned tattoo artist with a passion for teaching. Our head instructor, ensures a quality education.

💼 Flexible Learning: We offer 3 (full time) 6, and 12-month part-time courses tailored for your schedule.

🎨 Affordable Tuition: $4,000, paid in increments, for the program.

🤝 Networking and Job Placement Opportunities: Connect with peers, experienced tattoo artists, and industry influencers.

📣 Apply Now! Seats are limited to 5 per course. Enroll and receive a starter tattoo kit (machine) to kickstart your journey!

📍 Join us for our Open House to get a taste of what awaits you. Witness live sessions, meet the instructor, and see the facilities!

✒️ Ink & Drinks Academy: Where Passion Meets Profession. Enroll Today!

Curriculum Overview

Introduction to Tattooing:
• Dive into the rich history and traditions of tattooing.
• Explore various tattoo cultures and the evolution of the modern tattoo industry.
Safety and Sanitation:
• Master the essentials of cross-contamination prevention.
• Learn about sterilization techniques, proper disposal of materials, and critical health department regulations.
Equipment Handling:
• Familiarize yourself with different tattoo machines, including coil and rotary types.
• Understand needle varieties, their uses, and maintenance routines.
Tattoo Techniques:
• Study skin anatomy and its relevance to tattooing.
• Practice shading, outlining, and color packing on synthetic skin.
Design Principles:
• Explore various tattoo styles, from tribal to realism.
• Hone your skills in drawing for tattoo application and customizing designs to client specifications.
Client Consultation:
• Develop strong communication skills to manage client expectations.
• Master the art of providing aftercare instructions.
Business Skills:
• Delve into the operational side of running a tattoo studio.
• Understand the importance of ethics in tattooing and learn about effective marketing and branding strategies.
Practical Application:
• Get hands-on tattooing experience under licensed supervision.
• Engage in feedback sessions and work on building a compelling portfolio.
• Apply for your tattoo license

By the end of the course, students will be equipped with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to start their journey in the tattooing industry.

Limited Seating
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