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Sep 16 Why Obama (jax beach) map

Sep 15 People of the United States of America (America) pic map

Sep 15 why did you vote for Obama Bin Golfin?

Sep 15 Shake and Wake Radio (USA)

Sep 14 Re: Why Obama? (jax beach) map

Sep 13 Beaches Democratic Club (Beaches Library) map

Sep 13 Mike Williams for sheriff (duval county)

Sep 8 Accepting Bids

Sep 5 looking for like minded libertarians to start a group (jacksonville) pic map

Sep 2 Giuliani on Unions (Jacksonville)

Aug 30 Why is marijuana illegal??? (past it on) map

Aug 29 Dark Side of the Army (Jville)

Aug 26 Vote for RENNER today. Vote today. Vote RENNER (RENNER RENNER ) map

Aug 25 Dillion Taylor (Utah)

Aug 25 thanks obama pic

Aug 25 Vote for RENNER. map

Aug 13 Charlie Crist Campaign Fellowship Program (jacksonville fl) map

Aug 12 Cult of ignorance

Aug 6 Elect Educator SHANNON M. RUSSELL for Duval County School Board Dist.2 (Beaches/Intracoastal on August 26) pic

Aug 5 Mallory Cooper (Jax) pic map

Aug 5 Obama welcomes MS-13 and pays their rent

Aug 4 Arlington / Southside Democratic Club (Regency Square Branch Library) pic map

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Sep 16 I need supporters - Help me defeat the corrupt justice system (Deland, Florida) map

Sep 16 The Resurrection Of The Neoconservative Lie (USA) pic

Sep 16 Neoconservative Infiltrators Seek To Co-Opt Liberty Movement (USA) pic

Sep 16 The CDC Admits the USA Is On the Verge of a Major Ebola Outbreak (USA) pic

Sep 15 Lil Marks Fight for Fencing Retention Pond (Florida)

Sep 15 Secret Document Uncovers the Elites Latest Agenda for Our US Army (USA) pic

Sep 15 SCOTT FREE FLORIDA (ormond beach) pic map

Sep 15 Shake And Wake Radio Network (USA/FL)


Sep 15 Shake And Wake Radio Network (USA)

Sep 14 SCOTT-FREE 2014 (daytona beach) pic

Sep 13 Lt. Colonel Tony Shaffer: Obama Is Arming ISIS to Fight ISIS (USA) pic

Sep 13 9/11 Firefighter Blows WTC 7 Cover-Up Wide Open (USA) pic

Sep 13 VOTE YES, Medical Marijuana (daytona beach)

Sep 12 Neighborhood Defense: May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favor (USA) pic

Sep 12 Psychological Reasons Why American Soldiers Would Fire On Americans (USA) pic

Sep 12 I Urge You To Know Globalist End Game Strategy (USA) pic

Sep 11 Andrian Wyllie for Governor of Florida pic map


Sep 11 Do you need Volunteer/Community Service Hours? (308 A W. University Ave) map

Sep 10 911 (USA)

Sep 10 to the one seen my post (mr green) pic

Sep 10 Charlie responds to my take on O's speech tonight. (High Springs) map

Sep 10 Prime Time Speech Regarding a "JV" Team??? (High Springs) map

Sep 9 Obama/Biden bumper sticker at Walmart yesterday (Gainesville) map

Sep 9 Re: Community Service Hours? map

Sep 7 The New World Order -- The Art Of Check Mate (Video) (USA) pic

Sep 7 How To Protect Your Family When The Bad Guys Come Down Your Street (USA) pic

Sep 6 Why You Need a Gun (USA) pic


Sep 6 US Intel's Shocking Warning to Patriots! It's Now or Never! (USA) pic

Sep 4 Vietnam: Do You Remember America (USA) pic

Sep 2 DC Whispers: US Military Seething & Outraged Over "24/7 Obama Lies" (USA) pic

Sep 2 The Nanny State Is Chemically Castrating Our Children's Brains (USA) pic

Sep 1 re:10 Things Non-Preppers Will Be Forced To Face When TSHTF (USA) (bug off) map

Sep 1 10 Things Non-Preppers Will Be Forced To Face When TSHTF (USA) pic

Sep 1 No Strategy....No Suprise. (High Springs) map

Aug 31 The Blueprint for World War III : "This War Will Be Utterly Devastatin (USA) pic

Aug 31 CIA Contractor Confirms "Conspiracy Theory" (USA) pic

Aug 31 I'm running from the White House (USA) pic map

Aug 30 The Nightmarish Megacities of the Near Future (USA) pic

Aug 30 Wall Street Admits That A Cyberattack Could Crash Our Banking System (USA) pic

Aug 30 Curious Car Crashes: Louis Freeh, The G-Man With The Secrets (USA) pic

Aug 30 CIA now admits that President Obama is a radical Islamic enemy of USA (USA) pic

Aug 29 Israel Flagged as Top Spy Threat to U.S. in New Snowden/NSA Document


Aug 29 X22Report: U.S./Ukraine Pushing Russian Invasion Propaganda (USA) pic

Aug 28 The Obama Administration Is Openly Hostile To The Military (USA) pic

Aug 27 : CDC whistleblower goes public (USA)

Aug 27 A Marine Veteran Speaks Out To ISIS Militants (USA) pic

Aug 27 Fed Vice Chairman Warns: Your Bank May Seize Your Money (USA) pic

Aug 26 GET PREPARED -- James Wesley Rawles (USA) pic

Aug 26 RE:How Horrific Will It Be For The Non-Prepper? (USA) (non prepville) map

Aug 26 The Agenda 21 Depopulation of Rural Areas (USA) pic

Aug 26 Why Charlie Crist is no good (gainesville fl) map

Aug 25 re:re:In Reference to "Hey Prepper" (USA) map

Aug 25 No real choice (daytona beach)

Aug 25 ROY: It's your money (daytona)

Aug 24 In Reference to "Hey Prepper" (USA) pic


Aug 24 The Chinese Provide a Glimpse of An American Post-Collapse Society (USA) pic

Aug 24 How To Prepare Your Car To Handle An EMP And Why You Shouldn't Bother (USA) pic

Aug 24 America Under Distress (Everywhere )

Aug 24 How to Survive and Thrive in the City After the Economic Collapse (USA) pic

Aug 24 It's Very Close To The End/One World Tyranny (USA) pic

Aug 24 Help with Progressive project map

Aug 24 Hey prepper (st augustine) map

Aug 24 County legislation regarding tenant rights (Marion County) map

Aug 24 How Horrific Will It Be For The Non-Prepper? (USA)

Aug 23 When 'Anti-Government' Violence Erupts, Who Is Really At Fault? (USA) pic

Aug 23 Millions of Americans Are Vulnerable to Starvation (USA) pic

Aug 23 American 'Mall Attack' Warnings (USA) pic

Aug 22 X22Report: The Countdown To The False Flag Event Has Begun (USA)

Aug 22 Always Facebook...Why?

Aug 22 Your Signature Will Help The Homeless! (Daytona Beach, Florida) pic

Aug 22 Ferguson: No Justice in the American Police State (USA)

Aug 20 X22Report: U.S. Preparing To Bomb Syria (USA) pic

Aug 18 Rep. Mo Brooks Gets Real: Democrats Waging a "War on Whites" (Columbus,Ga.) pic

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